Building Influence for Engineers & EMs

Learn the 3 key skills you need to be an impactful leader in your engineering org

What makes a great engineering leader?

People remember their favorite managers and technical leads not by the technical contributions they made but by the impact they left on their career.

The best engineering leaders are on a perpetual trail of self-improvement and recognize that great leaders build great teams.

I've been working with and mentoring engineers and engineering leaders from companies small and large, and I often see the same trend: a great engineer is promoted to Engineering Manager because they're a great engineer, but they're never given the necessary tools and training to succeed as an EM.

Throughout my 8+ years of experience managing engineers and engineering leaders, I have been honing and teaching my methodology for bringing the human side of management to the forefront to turn good engineers and managers into great leaders. Leadership isn't about your job title; it's about influence, and my proven methodology helps you build the influence you strive to have to make an impact on your organization and in your professional life.

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This interactive course will teach you how to build influence as an engineering leader by focusing on three key skills:

• Identifying opportunities for growth within your team and working with your team to fill these missing gaps

• Effective communication with your direct reports, peers, and upper management

• Asking for and delivering constructive, actionable feedback

For the duration of your cohort you'll receive:

• Over 4 hours of engaging live sessions easy to attend even during a busy work week

• Hands-on learning by walking through case studies and real life examples with your cohort

• Templates you can immediately start using on the job

• Plus an in-depth live Q&A session to get immediate answers to your on-the-job questions

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